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Welcome to the website of Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law. We would like to introduce you our law firm and its services.

The main objective of the firm is to give to its clients the most efficient legal service and making available to them the required solutions in order to contribute them with the added value that represents a legal service of quality especially in the following fields: corporate and M&A, financing, capital market, real estate, energy and environment, IP and innovation, taxation.

Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law handles all aspects of capital investments and M&A matters, energy and environment issues, meanwhile besides the aforementioned fields our colleagues developed strong practice in areas such as real estate, IP and innovation, taxation offering efficient and effective legal services for local and foreign clients.

Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law participated in the legal representation of several foreign - mainly Spanish, Latin-American and anglo-saxon - companies and investors in Hungary providing all of its services in Spanish and English languages when required.

Situated in the City Centre of Budapest at the vicinity of many governmental offices, banks, courts of justice and public institutions Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law meets the clients needs for legal business support services to compliment the successful operation of their businesses.


Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law is a proud member of IURISGAL I.N.O.L.F. the first and only Global Network of independent Law Firms whose main spoken language is Spanish and which is actively present in four continents.


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Dr. Kovács Tamás

Dr. Kovács Tamás

Dr. Tamás Kovács is the leading partner of Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law and registered attorney-at-law at the Budapest Bar Association. He graduated in 1999 as an economist at College of Foreign Commerce, Budapest. Previously of his practicing as a lawyer he represented Spanish and Latin-American firms in Hungary and worked as an economist both in Hungary and Latin America. He graduated „summa cum laude” in 2001 at the political science faculty and in 2002 at the law faculty of ELTE University, Budapest. He spent his academic practice at the Dornbach and Hegyvári Attorneys at Law and afterwards his professional practice at the Dr. Horváth Ádám Law Firm, where he mostly gained experiences in energy law, corporate law and real property law. He founded dr. Kovács Tamás Law Fim in 2006 and managed it as its leading partner until the firm’s merger with Hubbes Law Firm in 2016. He specialized in capital investment and M&A, energy and environment matters, real property law, international business and commercial law, corporate and financial law. Fluent in Spanish and English.


Dr. Hubbes Eszter

Dr. Hubbes Eszter

Dr. Eszter Hubbes is partner of Hubbes & Kovács Attorneys at Law and registered attorney-at-law at the Budapest Bar Association. She graduated „cum laude” in 2005 at the law faculty of ELTE University, Budapest. She spent her academic practice at the Legal Department of the Directorate General of Aviation of the Ministry of Commerce and Transport. After graduation she started to earn professional experiences as trainee at Kristófik Law Firm where she dedicated to tasks related to corporate and financial law. She joined Dr. Kovács Tamás Law Firm in 2007 and worked there as a trainee lawyer until 2009 when she passed the bar exam. In 2009 she founded Hubbes Law Firm working in continuous cooperation with Dr. Kovács Tamás Law Firm. She is mostly specialized in corporate, financial, tax and real property law, and developed strong practice in business acquisitions and venture capital investments. Fluent in English and Spanish.


Dr. Egenhoffer Péter

Dr. Egenhoffer Péter

Dr. Péter Egenhoffer is a trainee lawyer registered by the Budapest Bar Association. He graduated „cum laude” in 2014 at KRE University, Budapest. He spent his academic practice at the Metropolitan Public Prosecutor’s Department and Hubbes Law Firm. Following graduation he started to earn professional experience at Hubbes Law Firm as a trainee lawyer. He is interested in civil procedural law, corporate, financial, real estate and IP law, and e-commerce issues. He possesses profound academic knowledge on these legal fields. He speaks advanced English and intermediate Spanish.


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